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Thousands voters names of Societies “gayab”
- Kirit Somaiya
23rd February 2004

Names of thousands of voters staying in society buildings, new housing complex areas are not appeared in the final voters lists published on 20th February, 2004 said Mr. Kirit Somaiya. Mr. Somaiya furthers stated that it is now proved beyond doubt that in various areas of Ghatkopar named Garodia Nagar, Raja Badi, Sanghani Estate in Chembur, Chheda Nagar, Bhaba Atomic Research Centre Colony, Vasant Park area in Mulund, Neelam Nagar, Mukund Society, Mulund Colony thousands of voters names were deleted/omitted in the final voters lists.

The Chief Election Officer of Maharashtra, Shri Bhargav has now accepted that the total number of voters in Mumbai have reduced from789 lakhs to 74 lakhs. Mr. Somaiya stated that the Election Department has also agreed that voters in Maharashtra have increased after 1999 elections. The Government machinery has also accepted that the population of Mumbai, particularly Mumbai Sub Urban District, has shown an increase of 20 lakhs. In 1991 Census population of Mumbai was 99 lakhs, in 2001 Census the same has gone up to 119 lakhs.

Mr. Somaiya appealed the voters that they have one more, last chance to get themselves enumerated, registered. The Election Department had opened more than 7000 centres all over Mumbai. These centers will remain open up to 27th February, 2004. The voters’ lists are kept open in local poling booths, i.e. schools. The citizens can check their names and if required can submit their fresh application to get enrolled.

Mr. Somaiya has opened “Matdaryadi” Help Line (No. 25926361) in his office. Voters can contact this help line; they can also check their names in the website of Election Commission of India (www.eci.gov.in).

It is a fact that after 1999, i.e. after last Lok Sabha – Assembly Elections more than 10 lakhs youngsters have crossed 18 years of age. All those youngsters of 18 to 22 years age group are eligible for the first time voting. It seems that names of only 2 lakhs youngsters have got enrolled in the final voters list. Almost 8 lakhs new voters names are not reflected in the list. These youngsters can yet become voter provided they submit application in form No. 6 along with age proof of 18 years.

Mr. Somaiya has submitted fresh proof of omissions/deletions to Chief Election Commissioner, Delhi. During the sample/token survey undertaken in last 10 days by BJP activists it is found out –

  • 2819 voters names of Garodia Nagar, Raja Wadi area do not appear in the final voters list. During the survey in 41 polling booths area BJP workers found out that names of 1714 voters who have voted in 1999 have been deleted.
  • Names of voters staying in MG Road Subha Niwas, Virjhi Wadi, Ram Bhawan do not appear.
  • 7 whole buildings of Ghatkopar West of Amrut Nagar area (i) Narendra Villa (ii) Usha Villa (iii) Sandip Apartment (iv) Rekha Apartment (v) Harsha Apartment (vi) Trenik Nagar, etc. are gayab.
  • In Mulund West names of whole building Munshi Manohar of Ashok Nagar do not appear.
  • Thousands names of 50 various booths of Chembur including Chheda Nagar are gayab, omitted.

Mr. Somaiya has once again appealed to the social organizations, senior citizens, political activists and Election Department that all efforts be done to see maximum genuine voters are enrolled, registered.

Press Secretary


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